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Trying to light fire with a bow drill

Dave Watson of Woodland Survival Crafts has spent many years developing programmes for young people, especially those who struggle with more conventional education. When creating a series of courses for the Shropshire Youth Association, Dave saw first hand how bushcraft could enrich their lives.

Following this experience Dave developed the “Woodland Survival Skills (Bushcraft)” course in conjunction with the Open College Network East Midlands Region.

It is this course that forms the core of Woodland Survival Crafts’ courses for schools and youth organisations. Dave says, “The satisfaction I get from seeing people overcome fears, gain confidence, work positively with their friends and come to terms with themselves and their abilities is the real issue as far as I am concerned, but the icing on the cake is when they gain a recognised certificate.”

Dave has a natural, easy style with children. His repertoire of shelter building, fire and string making, and giving them confidence to eat nettles and drink nettle tea are perfectly suited to children of all ages...

I look forward to his contributions with my annual camps and cannot recommend him highly enough.

John Walton, Deputy Head, King's St Alban's

Woodland Survival Skills (Bushcraft) Overview

Forest furniture

The sense of adventure is within most young people. Conventional forms of education rarely meet the needs of kids who want to explore and try new things. The Woodland Survival Skills (Bushcraft) course provides a fantastic opportunity for young people, especially those who struggle with more conventional education, to gain a recognised certification in the exciting and stimulating world of bushcraft and wilderness survival.

Thank you so much for all you did today - the children thoroughly enjoyed it and were really thrilled with the fire - so many of them have not actually seen a real fire alight! The parents were thrilled with being invited to be part of it all and found it very exciting.

June Davy, Thrapston Primary School.

Woodland Survival Crafts’ instructors are old hands at drawing out the very best in people using collaborative bushcraft techniques such as shelter construction, friction fire lighting, string making and cooking on open fires.

These tools have a remarkable way of inspiring young people, helping them to gain confidence, recognise their gifts and sometimes let go of their past troubles and move on with renewed hope.

“I am writing to let you know how delighted I am with both the service you offer for our young offenders and also the level of commitment from you in providing such a service… The level of service you provide is exceptional and worthy of note.”Linda Cross, Derby Restorative Justice Project

The typical route for students studying Woodland Survival Skills (Bushcraft) is through a series of three courses/ modules - Woodland Survival Skills (Bushcraft) Parts 1 and 2. Woodland Survival Skills (Bushcraft) Part 1 is a very worthwhile course in its own right and is suitable for students who are undecided about pursuing accreditation.

If you are interested in enrolling your students on the Woodland Survival Skills (Bushcraft) course, then please contact Dave Watson for an information pack and further details, or download and print out a booking form.

Woodland Survival Skills (Bushcraft) Part 1

Location: Spring Wood

Students with their certificates

This course gives students a thorough introduction to bushcraft.

The key subjects covered are:

  • Safety and hygiene
  • Shelter construction
  • Friction fire lighting
  • Cooking on open fires
  • String making
  • Wild food identification and preparation

On successful completion of this course students receive a Woodland Survival Crafts certificate. Students, leaders and tutor all need to agree to continue the training. This is important since the programmes are of an adventurous nature and demand reasonable behaviour and focus from students in order to maintain a safe learning environment.

6 hours (10am - 4pm) Mid-Week Weekend
Up to 12 students + 2 leaders £375.00 £450.00
Extra students (cost per student) £40.00 £50.00


24 hours (12pm day 1 - 12pm day 2) Mid-Week Weekend
Up to 12 students + 2 leaders £585.00 £750.00
Extra students (cost per student) £55.00 £75.00

(Food can be provided for an extra cost)

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Woodland Survival Skills (Bushcraft) Part 2

Location: Spring Wood

Students making string

This programme is primarily focussed on preparation for the assessment. With a more focussed group, the subject matter deepens and widens with some new subjects such as water purification. The length of the course helps students to start to “live” with their new found skills and put them into a context of survival in a woodland environment. As they take a more active role in looking after their equipment and themselves, this course sees many students flourish.

During the course the tutor will discuss with each student which level they should aim for. Time will be spent explaining how the assessment runs in order to prepare students and reduce any fears which might otherwise be present.

48 hours (12pm day 1 - 12pm day 3) Mid-Week Weekend
Up to 12 students + 2 leaders £975.00 £1100.00
Extra students (cost per student) £100.00 £130.00

(Food can be provided for an extra cost)

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Booking Info. | Contact Us