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Key Stage 2

Trying to light fire with a bow drill

We can offer some outstanding hands-on sessions that can inspire and enhance learning in various subjects especially history and the focus on the Stone Age. In this we have some specialist knowledge. Woodland Survival Crafts provided the lime bark in the first reconstruction of the Iceman clothing especially his cloak, knife scabbard and shoes.

Dave is recognised as a Master in various methods of Friction Fire Lighting and has regularly written articles on the subject as well as attending significant craft/country shows where he demonstrates and teaches his skills. Over the years he has been instrumental in the construction of two thatched round houses in the Midlands.

Sessions can be based in your school grounds but you are also welcome to arrange a trip to Spring Wood.

Schools have also come to us to look at Extreme Survival as part of the Science project.

Topic choice

School group at work

Choose 3 or 4 topics from the following list.

Simple shelter construction

Using a selection of poles and forked sticks children can make a simple shelter frame and consider what materials would have been used to cover it with.

String and Cordage making

Otzi the iceman had plenty of string made from bark fibre, nettle as well as grasses. Children will be able to make their own string and learn about various fibres including Lime Bark which was very significant in that period of history.

Friction Fire Lighting

Using some specialised equipment children will be able to get involved in creating fire with a bow and drill. This method is often seen as a bit crude and relying on brute force however with good materials and some quality instruction it is very achievable.

Hunter gatherer skills

Using some simple techniques we will look at simple ways to track as well as look at some primitive weapons that are known to have been used.

Campfire Gadgets

Creating simple gadgets out of forked sticks to hold a pot over the fire is a fun session that draws out initiative and design skills.

Water Filtering

Having enough clean water is fundamental to any society of any period of history. We will look at simple principles and compare various materials that can filter out levels of sediment as well as learn how to eliminate bacteria.

Stone Age – Iron Age comparisons

Either as a separate session or built into each one we can look at key differences in how key skills differed during early history. Looking at how a thatched Roundhouse can be built as well how fire lighting became revolutionised with the Flint and Steel.


£300 per day, plus travel if over 20 miles away.


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