Instructor Mentoring Scheme

Dave`s manner and evident expertise persuaded me to enrol on the Instructor Mentoring Scheme….

Howard Jeffs – BC, LOtC & Adventuremark inspector.

This 12-15 month program is designed to take someone with a good basic knowledge of Bushcraft and take them to more thorough grounding in each of the key subjects. You will refine and extend each skill, on one of the 3 sets of training, dates putting them into different contexts/scenarios in order to understand them much more. There will be opportunities to assist and then lead a variety of sessions with different client groups/ages giving you width and depth to your competence and understanding. During your time you will also build a portfolio of evidence to cover the list of criteria which will be a mixture of programmed time and your own professional work.


Instructor Mentoring SchemeInstructor Mentoring Scheme










Potential Candidates will have attended a BFP course or have been on suitably recognized courses with other established providers (not Introductory weekends).

General Program – Total cost £900

Stage 1 November to June/July. Cost £450

2 days Nov/Dec Dates TBA
2 days Jan/March Dates TBA
2 days May/July Dates TBA

In addition you are freely invited to the Wild Food Days as well as the Winter Bushcraft Weekend.

bdm3Stage 2 July to December (Latest the following March) Cost £450

With the criteria in mind it is now over to you to work towards getting a portfolio of evidence together through either your own work or by asking me for opportunities to gain the experience required.


As part of the scheme you get an opportunity to come along to one of the many shows/events during the year such as The Bushcraft Show, The Wilderness Gathering or one of the Countryside shows we are at. Specialist courses such as the Lime Bark weekend or the Bow Making weekend are offered at half the normal price.

Opportunities are also available during the scheme to take the IOL Bushcraft Competency assessment. This is on condition that you have been acknowledged by us that you are sufficiently competent. This again will be charged at half the standard price.

Dave`s manner and evident expertise persuaded me to enrol on the Instructor Mentoring Scheme….. What becomes apparent very quickly is his relaxed style of delivery that is supported by a wealth of knowledge gleaned over 22 years he has been in business.

Howard Jeffs – BC, LOtC & Adventuremark inspector.

I feel that Dave has created a valuable programme and framework with the Instructor Mentoring Scheme. It enables personal development and progression to a stage where participants have a genuine level of confidence and ability, enough to comfortably lead sessions independently. For me it has been an extremely useful and fulfilling experience.

Howard Morris

Having had a long term plan to be able to deliver Bushcraft programmes to various groups at a basic level, I felt that my own skills needed developing and fine tuning. Having been on a WSC ‘Bushcraft for Practitioners’ course I had kept in regular contact with Dave. I was pleased to hear that he would be launching an ‘Instructor Mentoring Scheme’ as it seemed to fit the bill to enable me (with an extremely busy life) to hone my skills to a level that ‘I’ was happy with. The ‘I’ is in my opinion the key to the way in which Dave works. Exams and tests all have their place but the onus for me is that Dave works with you, at your own pace, guiding you, encouraging you to discover things for yourself and gain a fuller understanding of the subjects. Dave gives you plenty of opportunities to deliver sections of various courses to many diverse groups. This, in my humble opinion, is the key in building subject confidence, knowledge and self-development.

Mike Petrie

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