Excellence in Woodland

21-23 August 2020 at Springwood DE73 8BJ High quality workshops to inspire Outdoor Professionals. This weekend event brings some of the best/most experienced deliverers of woodland based crafts in the UK to provide you with some valuable short training and guidance. Workshops List Swallow Baskets – Ben Mayo – £18 Hand Drill – Pete Morton … Continue reading Excellence in Woodland

Tracking Skills

27-28 February 2019 This 2 day course will take you through the general understanding of tracking and help you see and read the signs that provide real insight into woodland life. Kev Palmer has tracked a wide variety of creatures both large and small on several continents and is very well respected for his knowledge … Continue reading Tracking Skills

Secondary Schools

Science Through Bushcraft A series of practical based education programs that highlights both the fine detailed knowledge of a selection of key Bushcraft Skills and integrates them into the Science Curriculum at Key Stage 3, Common Entrance and GCSE. Topics include: Hookes Law; Energy conversion and Simple Mechanics from the Physics Syllabus, Combustion, Chemical reactions … Continue reading Secondary Schools

Introductory Bushcraft Days

An introduction to bushcraft survival skills and techniques This course will leave its participants with a foundational understanding in many core bushcraft survival skills. Following this course if you wish to take the skills further why not consider the Bushcraft For Practitioners courses we run. Subjects covered Shelter construction Friction firetdghting Direction Finding Tracking Wild … Continue reading Introductory Bushcraft Days

Family Bushcraft Days

A great day family day out where skills, fun, adventure all combine Shelter building Create fire from friction String making Campfire gadgets Wild food tasting   Cost Adult £50.00 Child (Under 16) £30.00

Family Bushcraft Weekend

A truly magnificent weekend of “WOWS!” for the whole family Build your own weatherproof shelter out of woodland materials. WOW! Create fire from friction. WOW! Use your own ingenuity to create pot holders, tables, benches and cook your own food over the campfire. WOW! When it’s dark, stalk into camp undetected to retrieve the prize. … Continue reading Family Bushcraft Weekend

Bushcraft Adventure Weekend

This all action course for adults and their children is designed to provide an exciting and creative adventure in a wild woodland environment. Training will be given in how to use knives, saws and other edged tools safely and correctly. During part of the course parents and children are trained in different skills so that … Continue reading Bushcraft Adventure Weekend

Bushcraft Competency Training

More than just a set of skills Providing training to outdoor centres throughout the UK IF WE CAN INSPIRE THE ADULTS WE CAN IMPACT OUR YOUNG PEOPLE Dave Watson – Director of Woodland Survival Crafts Ltd Providing Quality Training to Outdoor Centers/professionals throughout the UK. Arguably the most experienced trainer/mentor of outdoor professionals/Centres in the … Continue reading Bushcraft Competency Training

Sharp Tools Day

This one day event is ideal for anyone wanting to gain competence or additional understanding about using knives and saws with reference to passing it on to others. Dave Watson, who has been teaching/training people in woodland skills and Bushcraft for nearly 25 years will focus on not only the direct skills but also on … Continue reading Sharp Tools Day

Small Roundwood Construction

This two day course aims to give you the confidence and understanding of using of using Axes, Froes and Billhooks in order to build simple structures. The course will cover the following subjects: Understanding of different tools/styles Safe handling of each and experience in a range of ways these tools can be used Maintenance of … Continue reading Small Roundwood Construction

Quality approved bushcraft courses for schools and business, individuals & outdoor professionals