Bow Drill Master

Learn how to light fire with primitive technology

Mastering any skill is both demanding and deeply satisfying.bdm4

This specialist course is designed for those who are confident in their ability to use the bow drill to create fire but who want to really take it to a much higher level.

The aim is to get you to a place where you can go into a previously unknown piece of woodland and with a knife/saw/axe create a flame. It is broken down into 1 Training Weekend and then a 1 day test.

Training Weekend


This is broken down into a number of sections including:

Refining your technique and understanding, comparing a variety of woods for the drill and hearth board, making and using natural cord, interpreting your surroundings, order of priority of finding materials, making your own high quality set, mental preparation, personal plan of preparation and the really fine skills that make the difference.

On The Day

We start out early and go to the location you will be staying in for the duration of the exercise.

Please note. Candidates will need to confirm their previous experience and understanding before being accepted on the course.


“What a great day and a great challenge”

Craig and Deborah complete their Bow Drill Masters training

After some advanced training over the last couple of months, they were taken out in the early morning into a new piece of woodland to show me that they had what it takes to create fire from scratch using just their knife and saw/axe.

They showed their understanding of their environment, ability to interpret the situation well, find suitable materials for each component and systematically put it all together and create a flame.

It tested their attitude very much and I am very proud of them both for achieving this very high standard.

Well done to both of you!

If you think you are ready to master the challenge, why not read more about the course or book a place now?

Course Cost
Training Weekend £265.00
Assessment Day £135.00


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