Excellence in Woodland

30th August – 1st September
at Grangewood Farm, DE12 8BG

High quality workshops to inspire Outdoor Professionals.
This weekend event brings some of the best/most experienced deliverers of woodland based crafts in the UK to provide you with some valuable short training and guidance.

  • Bark containers
  • Willow craft
  • Spoon carving
  • Science in Bushcraft
  • Knots/Tarps and Withies
  • Hand drill
  • Wilderness Cookery
  • Tomahawk throwing

Workshop Providers

  • Kevan Palmer – Live Primally
  • Paul Adamson – Woodsman Crafts
  • Ben Mayo – Wild Craftist
  • Terry Longhurst – Bushscouts
  • Rupert Loch – Ferral Science
  • Pete Morton – Red Oak Bushcraft/Woodland Survival Crafts

£65 per person
£45 for IOL members
£35 for IOL Field Studies/Bushcraft PPG members

(Workshops are an additional charge of £10-£15 each)
Camp in the woodlands or field or hire out a yurt/tepee.
Supported by the Institute for Outdoor Learning Bushcraft PPG, Field Studies Professional Practice Group (IOL)

07736 225035

We provide quality approved Bushcraft courses for schools
and business, individuals & outdoor professionals