Introductory Bushcraft Days

An introduction to bushcraft survival skills and techniques


This course will leave its participants with a foundational understanding in many core bushcraft survival skills.

Following this course if you wish to take the skills further why not consider the Bushcraft For Practitioners courses we run.

Subjects covered
Shelter construction Friction firetdghting
Direction Finding Tracking
Wild foods Woodland provisions
String making

Thank you for a fantastic weekend and one I’ll not forget for a long time to come.

The format of the weekend was excellent, spot on, without undue haste, but without being overly relaxed. This was more than complimented by the friendliness and knowledge of both you and Ian. It also lessened the anxiety having a friendly group of people willing to learn.

Thank you again, I will be making a return visit for further study at some point. Paul Turner

Course Cost
Introductory Bushcraft £90.00
£160.00 for 2 people
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