Sharp Tools Day


Sharp Tools DayThis one day event is ideal for anyone wanting to gain competence or additional understanding about using knives and saws with reference to passing it on to others.

Dave Watson, who has been teaching/training people in woodland skills and Bushcraft for nearly 25 years will focus on not only the direct skills but also on many other issues giving you the best chance to feel confident in working with such tools.

Topics include Basic techniques, safety issues, choice of tools, maintenance, choice of materials for given tasks, the law as well as considerations for different age groups and different abilities.

Training with Dave, over the years, has given me confidence to step back from teaching rules about practical skills to ask questions, fully engaging in understanding the purpose, materials, equipment, approaches, techniques and to trust my learners. This approach to practical skills works with children and adults of all stages and ages. It fits brilliantly with the ethos and principles of Forest School.

My Forest School trainees find this approach challenging at times. They want to be told how to do something. This is how our education system has worked. Innovative ways of training may be discomforting; this however is the heart of deep learning and mastery. Becoming excellent requires the ‘zone of proximal development’, moving out of the safety of the known into the ‘zone of the unknown’, with the skillful mentoring of a gifted crafts person and teacher. Dave is just this.

Sarah Lawfull
FSA Director Where The Fruit Is


Sharp Tools DaySharp Tools Day

Sharp Tools Day

Per person £78.00
IOL members £65.00


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