Small Roundwood Construction


This two day course aims to give you the confidence and understanding of using of using Axes, Froes and Billhooks in order to build simple structures.


The course will cover the following subjects:
Understanding of different tools/styles
Safe handling of each and experience in a range of ways these tools can be used
Maintenance of tools including sharpening
Simple greenwood joints including choices of wood
Splitting Wood of all sizes from logs to thin wands
Wattle weaving and framework

Hi Dave, I wanted to say a massive thank you for a great weekend on the Round Wood construction course!

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the build and all the skills learned can easily be used for other projects. Your teaching methods and explanations are very clear as are the practical demonstrations. I enjoyed the freedom of time given to try out each skill and tool and feel very confident to use them all again. Jodie Knight


Course Breakdown:
Day 1
9.00 Introduction
9.30 Safe handling of axes, billhooks and froes
11.00 Splitting wood effectively
12.30 Lunch
13.15 Simple greenwood joints
15.15 Woven panels
Day 2
8.45 Construction of frame *
12.30 Lunch*
13.15 Finishing touches
16.30 Finish
* Frame construction gives each person the opportunity to do at least two joints as well as a two metre section of woven panel.

Click here to download the flyer.

Per person £195.00
IOL members £165.00


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