Team Development

Inspiring courses to enhance your team

If keeping your staff motivated and inspired is what you are after then take a look at what we can offer. Our stimulating development packages come in 3 main formats.


Corporate Days out:

Have a great day learning some exciting and eye opening Bushcraft skills. Shelter construction, Fire Lighting, Campfire Gadgets , Friction Fire Lighting and creating cordage out of natural materials are amongst the skills you can expect to experience.

Sample Session

Groups are tasked to build an effective shelter using the resources available. Various levels of information are made available to them. On completion 2 members of the team are invited to be in the shelter as a small tub of water is thrown up towards the shelter from a set distance.

We have had an absolutely fantastic day thanks! Everyone has said it was the best offsite day they have had to date and would all love to do it again.

Carla Bradshaw – BGL group (Compare the Market)



Team Development :


With a selection of carefully set out problem solving sessions using core Bushcraft skills are able to draw out key issues and attitudes in each session. Effective Shelter construction, Efficient Fire Lighting, Ingenious but simple Campfire Gadgets, Successful Friction Fire Lighting as well as Strong Rope construction and Blindfold Tree Identification.

Sample Session

Create fire with friction. As a team your task is to create an ember using the equipment given to you. Each member of the team is given specific instructions as to how a piece of kit is used. With this each person must utilize the information in order to accomplish the task.

Dave has been an invaluable support in making Kingswood Inspiring Learning an award winning organsiation, delivering high quality outdoor learning programmes. Via his expert tuition to our staff, combined with his extensive expertise and his unique and engaging approach Dave has revolutionised our delivery of Bushcraft, and changed a few lives along the way.
Matt Healey MA, LPIOL, FRSA – Head of Learning and Adventure, Inspiring Learning



Management Development :

If you wish to really develop your team you will want to challenge each person`s perception of themselves, their workmates as well as the workplace itself. Our in depth understanding of Bushcraft uses core principles of attitude and focus to help draw out the core values and deep down opinions.

Example opening session

Take a look at the photo below. What do you see? Picturesque landscape, Beauty, Trees and rocks.

Let us tell you what we see. Beautiful location yes but one that is full of great provision that if used appropriately will supply us with a whole host of provisions and still look beautiful long term. In this picture there are quality rope making materials, tasty salad ingredients, medicines, shelter, fire making equipment.

The Tower 42, London management team travelled ventured north to spend 24 hours in the woodland. The whole experience, including foraging for food, shelter, and fire materials, was positive, challenging and enlightening. Although the event was a while ago they still talk about it and have fond memories of the fun and light challenges they had.
Jon Webb, Coach and Facilitator

Course Cost
Corporate: Half Day (3 hours) first 10 people £60 pounds per person
Full Day (6-7 hours) first 10 people £100 per person
Additional people £65 pounds per person
Team Development: Full Day (6-7 hours) first 10 people £130 per person
Additional people £90 pounds
Management Development : Prices subject to trainers required as well as locations used.
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