Wild Food and Wilderness Cookery

Confidently identify, prepare and consume a wide variety of wild foods

cooking‘Food tastes better outdoors’ is a common phrase but it tastes even better when you have gathered and prepared it yourself.

This one day course looks at some of the best and tastiest ways to enjoy wild foods.
Gain confidence in identifying a variety of plants/fungi (depending on the time of year)
How to prepare fish and game
Understand the four main cooking areas of the campfire
Create sustaining meals using wild ingredients

Wild edible plants/ fungi are often viewed with suspicion and thought to be bitter or tasteless, only to be eaten as a last resort. Although this can be true there are many plants which are both tasty and full of important nutrients and calories. You will be amazed at how tasty and filling some of our wild edibles can be.



Course Cost
Wild Food & Wilderness Cookery £74.00
£130.00 for 2 people
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