More than just a nice view

On route to Scotland where I was assessing a few outdoor professionals for their Bushcraft Competency Certificate I stopped off in the Lake District to look at a little Outdoor Centre and the immediate area.

This little area of land is called Humphrey Head and its quite amazing in that it is on the coast yet can boast a vast array of different species. Its got SSSI status and not surprisingly as it has many plants and trees that are typical of a very ancient woodland such as Herb Paris and some mature Elms.

In the picture there are many trees including Yew, Lime, Elm, Ash, Oak and within a few metres there are many others. I will be looking to arrange some workshops in the future looking as, without going into detail and boring many of you, I have been inspired with its richness.

Oh and there was a close sighting of a Pergrine Falcon along with Egrets and Shellduck. Looking forward to going back there.