This is a 2 day IOL approved course designed very much for  outdoor professionals/centre staff wanting to deliver short sessions of quality Bushcraft. As a result it is often run as a bespoke course for 3 or more of your instructors. Course dates for individuals are available as listed and are sometimes being run at different locations around the country.

Site requirements to run a course at your venue are;

A selection of fire places or bases, enough trees or equivalent to use for tarp shelters, toilets and water and a covered area out of the wind.


The subjects covered are:

Using Edged Tools – Understanding suitable carving techniques with a fixed blade as well as folding and Bow saws.

Fire Lighting – How to effectively use a variety of ignition sources such as Traditional Flint and Steel, Wire Wool, Solar Spark and Firesteel.

Shelter – Create a safe, weatherproof shelter and an effective bed using natural materials.

Tarps and Knots – A range of techniques for establishing covered areas/shelters using modern materials.

Campfire Cooking – A selection of techniques for cooking a variety of foods on/in/above the campfire.

Water Purification – Understand how to collect, filter and remove bacteria from water sources.

Training will be delivered on a maximum of 1-6 ratio


24th – 25th March 2023



Non IOL Member – £220

IOL Member £200