Professional Bushcraft training

Helping you become the best bushcraft practitioner you can be

Designed for Outdoor Professionals who want to take their general understanding and competence of Bushcraft to another level. Candidates will have attended an approved  Bushcraft Competency course or equivalent.

The overall aim of the scheme is to develop your skills and competence to a place where you have a real sense of ownership of each of the key skills. As a result, you will be able to confidently deliver and adapt your sessions to fit different subjects and client requirements.

Part 1   £595

Taken over 4 sets of 2 days each key subject is expanded both in depth and width in order for you to adapt to a variety of scenarios.

Unit 1

Day 1 Shelter frame designs. Variety of materials plus various refinements

Day 2 Fire Lighting, reading the landscape to find dry material. Confident use of various tinder and kindling. Developing your understanding of trees

Unit 2

Day 3 Confident use of the Bow Drill. Comparing base boards and drills, creating an efficient set. Hand Drill and Pump Drill basics

Day 4 Effective Water Filtering. Various materials. Splitting Wood regardless of size. Using Axes

Unit 3

Day 5 Wild Food and Wilderness Cookery course (see web site)

Day 6 Additional sessions to fit the IOL Bushcraft Level 3 training modules

Unit 4

Day 7 Natural Cordage- various materials for variety of set tasks/scenarios

Day 8 Bow Drill using natural cordage. Additional session to fit IOL Level 3 units

Dates for 2020/21  27th – 28th November 2021, 15th – 16th January 2022, 9th -10th April 2022, 16th – 17th July 2022

Please contact me directly to book.

Part 2   £495

During this next phase you have an overall set of criteria to work towards.  The emphasis is on you requesting from myself what you require to to complete it. Many of you will be getting experience in your professional work, however, it is typical that you won’t work with the variety of clients needed to fulfil the experience required. Along with helping out on courses and sessions, you will be able to tailor this experience in order to get the real confidence you need to develop your own line of work.

You will also develop a portfolio of evidence which will help clarify your level of first-hand experience.

Please contact me directly to book.

Howard Jeffs, BC, LOtC & Adventuremark Inspector

Dave`s manner and evident expertise persuaded me to enrol on the Instructor Mentoring Scheme…

Lizzy Maskey, Pippin and Gile Bushcraft and Foraging

Being on the mentoring scheme with Dave has hugely developed my depth of understanding of the key principles of Bushcraft. The scheme has given me lots of opportunities to improve my own professional practice, work alongside a range of different instructors, develop my own teaching style and meet a range of people within the industry.
I’d highly recommend the instructor mentoring scheme to anyone who is actively looking to improve their understanding, confidence and skill in delivering high quality Bushcraft sessions.

Karen Shephard, Forest School Leader

The Mentoring Scheme has enabled me to extend the basic skills and knowledge I had as a Forest School leader in directions that I didn’t know existed; I have become much more aware of the “Why”, “How” and “What” behind my work, which has given me the confidence to be more thoughtful and flexible in my approach.

Peter Morton, Red Oak Bushcrafts

I joined the mentoring scheme to expand my knowledge of bushcraft. The format and flexibility made fitting in training days easy and the opportunity to test skills learned and improve delivery of those skills was invaluable. It is not only being able to deliver the skills but the depth of knowledge gained which allowed me greater understanding allowing me to troubleshoot where clients are going wrong giving them a much better experience.

Since completing the mentoring scheme I have also started my own small Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills business which is gradually building, without the knowledge and experience I gained from the mentoring scheme this would not have been as successful and with each bit of feedback I receive, I can directly link most of it to what I have learned during my time on the mentoring scheme. Dave has also been extremely supportive of me in my new endeavours.

Howard Morris, WSC Bushcraft Trainer and Outdoor Instructor

I feel that Dave has created a valuable programme and framework with the Instructor Mentoring Scheme. It enables personal development and progression to a stage where participants have a genuine level of confidence and ability, enough to comfortably lead sessions independently. For me, it has been an extremely useful and fulfilling experience.

Tara Crank MA BA(Hons), Instructor at Dryad Bushcraft, Learning Assistant at Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

Choosing to do the mentoring scheme was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It has provided me with a community of peers and a structure for gaining experience in a way that suits both myself and the content. I have had an outstanding year(2019); I am constantly learning and being challenged, which is exactly what I’d hoped for. With every opportunity to grow, there is an opportunity to reflect and I feel very safe in doing this honestly with Dave.