Excellence in Woodland 5th - 7th August 2022


For the full timetable of workshops, click the link below.

Mallets and Tent Pegs

Making a mallet and a tent peg can look straight forward however Liz will take you through some of the finer details to help you create practical products which are little works of art. With some quality materials and tuition, you will have some great items to take away with you.

Science through Bushcraft

Join Rupert for another exciting journey into using interesting aspects of Bushcraft to highlight key learning principles and curriculum links.

Tracking Skills

Interpreting signs in the natural environment is often regarded as a mystic art. Nige will help you take some basics tips helping you work through how to ask questions, what to look for and start to gain a little confidence.

Tracking Skills Workshop

One Knot to do it all

Remembering knots, if you don’t use them regularly can be a little frustrating and if this sounds familiar to you then join Chris to see how one particular knot can be used for such a wide variety of uses. 

Pump Drills

This ancient technique for drilling is fascinating and great fun and can be adapted for making jewellery as well as fire. Dave has used this technique for working with students of a wide variety of ages and abilities.

Pump Drills Workshop

Hand Drill

By working together in a relay or in pairs this well known, but often revered, fire lighting technique can be used to a good level of success. Pete will guide you through a number of top tips and understanding in order to create an ember.

Knife Safety with Groups

Using a selection of well-known techniques and key principles Mel will talk you through the main ways she goes about using knives with groups of people of all ages.

Knife Safety Workshop

Direction Finding

There are many techniques and understanding around finding direction through the natural environment. Nige will show you a selection but also put them into context with particular reference to their reliability and limitations.

Direction Workshop

Tinder and Kindling  

Look at various natural materials and understand how they can be used most effectively in order to create fire. Nige will give you some key pointers and thoughts as to how to utilize many resource.

Wild Game Preparation

Have a proper understanding of how to prepare wild game such as pigeon and squirrel and turn them into a variety of great campfire dishes.

Prepping game workshop


These fascinating ancient weapons are both fun to make as well as exhilarating to use so join Rupert who will guide you through the principles and end up having a lot of fun in the process.

Fusion Forages

Join Tara as she shares how to infuse British forages into her own Gujarati (Indian) food, cooked on an open fire. A truly unique cultural, natural and gastronomical experience that puts nature and flavour at the centre of the meal.

Campfire Cuisine

Knots and Lashings

This session always seems to be popular and so once again we are running it bringing Chris to head it up with his wealth of experience.

Knots and lashings

Coil Baskets

Create some delightful little baskets with a variety of natural materials and a needle. Simple yet very effective.

Willow Bird Feeders

These pleasant little feeders give some understanding of how to work with willow and create effective products.

Willow Bird Feeder

Woodland Lego

Most of us know the well-known building blocks and how to create things with them. Tara will show you how to read a variety of common woodland materials and utilize them in a similar way.

Bushcraft and Wellbeing

Liz and Dave both run the bushcraft facilitators course with Woodland Survival Crafts. This workshop will give you a little insight into what we do. Liz has a Diploma in coaching and mentoring and uses the skills of bushcraft to initiate conversations around life skills and wellbeing.

Woodland Lego