Develop, inspire and engage

Leaders play an essential role in every aspect of our modern lives and good leadership is an art that is highly prized.  Effective leaders not only control, appraise and analyse, they also develop, inspire and engage.

Successful leadership is grounded in self-awareness and where better place to develop self-awareness than the woods?

Our Leadership and Development courses are designed to develop those skills needed to be an effective leader.  Effective communication, relationship building, self-awareness and reflection are all vital skills that will be developed during our courses.

During a typical day you’ll get to:

  • Build your own weatherproof shelter from woodland materials you gather
  • Learn fire lighting techniques and try your hand at lighting your own fire
  • Make string from natural materials
  • Make a pot hanger for the campfire
  • Sample some tasty wild food
Prices vary depending on the number of participants and the activities chosen.  Contact us to make a booking or discuss your requirements.