Whether it’s just a couple of hours brushing up on a particular skill or spending a day looking at various topics, our personal bushcraft/survival skills tuition days offer you the chance to learn exactly what you want at the pace you want.

Choose from the following subjects:

  • Friction Fire Lighting – Bow Drill
  • Friction Fire Lighting – Hand Drill
  • Friction Fire Lighting – Pump Drill
  • Shelters and Bedding
  • Wild Food Identification
  • Wild Flowers and Trees Identification
  • Wild Food and Wilderness Cookery
  • Natural Cordage
  • A walk in an ancient woodland

The Cost

£40 per hour

Additional person £20 per hour

For 3 or more people £500 per day with additional people at £50 per day.

There is no minimum time, however, for 1-2 hours it is often best to try and arrange late afternoon or evening sessions.

Please contact us directly to book.

About the instructor

Dave Watson has devoted his life to using his bushcraft skills to help develop, train or mentor people from all walks of life. He spent ten years working for outdoor activity centres, before setting up Woodland Survival Crafts in 1995.

Dave’s passion for ancient survival skills, or ‘bushcraft’ as it has become known, stems from his teenage years when he spent much of his time wandering around Britain in semi-wild places trying to live off the land. His passion is infectious and his knowledge is endless.