Dave Watson

Woodland Survival Crafts

Dave's passion for bushcraft

Dave's passion for ancient survival skills, or ‘bushcraft’ as it has become known, stems from his teenage years when he spent much of his time wandering around Britain in semi-wild places trying to live off the land.

Dave Watson

This was a powerful and important time for Dave as he searched for some meaning to his life and personal self-worth. What he discovered during this period dramatically affected his whole outlook on life.

Dave has devoted his life to using his bushcraft skills to help develop, train or mentor people from all walks of life. He spent ten years working for outdoor activity centres, before deciding to set up in business for himself in 1995.

In 2007 Dave instigated the development with the IOL of the Bushcraft and Survival Special Interest Group. This has resulted in the development of training and assessment for outdoor practitioners in the key skills to promote safe practice and understanding.

Master of ancient methods of making fire

Dave's ability to light fire with both bow drill and hand drill has become something of his trademark. But perhaps more importantly is how he trains others to confidently do the same.

Dave is renowned in the friction fire lighting world. His demonstrations at the Wilderness Gathering were fantastic. He is a master of the firebow and hand drill. Survival School website, www.survivalschool.co.uk

You can buy Bow Drill and Hand Drill sets from our Bushcraft Shop. They are hand-crafted and tested by Dave.


Dave's fire lighting skills have been demonstrated at a number of prestigious events such as the annual May Bank Holiday ‘Woodland Wonders’ event at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew and the Royal Norfolk Show.

Dave has also appeared on television on Carlton TV’s ‘Heart of the Country’ and ‘Countryfile’ 2010.

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