Industry Privileges

Woodland Ways and Woodland Survival Crafts Teams

One of the great privileges of working in the Bushcraft world is when a couple of companies work together on a project. Last Monday I had some of the Woodland Ways Staff join with some of my staff to spend some time developing our understanding of less commonly used friction fire lighting methods such as pump drill, fire saws along with strap drill and fire thong. Our focus was more about being able to grasp what is happening, why and what we can do to improve efficiency. Everyone clearly gained from a professional look at these skills and it impressed me that everyone knuckled down to open learning without any need to have the right answers. Fires were generated on each of these techniques, some through teamwork, others by individuals. Seeing the smiles of success were really great to see and even myself took a great deal of satisfaction from working with others and creating an ember using a fire thong for the first time. Who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks hey!