Norwegian Bushcraft

Having just got back from Norway I thought I would write a few words to express how great it was to be out there training a very good bunch of Instructors from Adventure Norway as part of a project called Innovation Norway. The Centre is near Bjelland 50 minutes from Kristiansund.  Training instructor staff from a … Continue reading Norwegian Bushcraft

Mentoring the professionals

It is an on going privilege to be able to support other outdoor professionals to take their skills and understanding to a much deeper level especially as we spend time on more demanding tasks such as Hand Drill fire lighting or winter tinder. I had my mentees for a second weekend of training and in … Continue reading Mentoring the professionals

Bushcraft in Switzerland

On Friday I returned from a few days in the mountains near Torgon in Switzerland. Such an incredibly beautiful place and for me such a privilege to have been asked in the first place. Camp Suisse (Swiss) is an international camp for schools mostly from Europe. The staff were very enthusiastic and eager to learn … Continue reading Bushcraft in Switzerland

Mentoring Scheme – String

This last weekend saw the Instructor Mentoring Scheme making String and rope out of a wide variety of materials and put them to a number of uses. Simple ties were made from Elm bark and quality string was made from Nettle, Lime, Reedmace, Horseradish and Palm fibers. It is interesting working with natural materials as … Continue reading Mentoring Scheme – String

Industry Privileges

One of the great privileges of working in the Bushcraft world is when a couple of companies work together on a project. Last Monday I had some of the Woodland Ways Staff join with some of my staff to spend some time developing our understanding of less commonly used friction fire lighting methods such as … Continue reading Industry Privileges

Hams Hall Roundhouse

One of the developments over at Hams Hall Environmental Centre is the construction of a 6.5 meter thatched round house. Each week I have been working with volunteers from the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust teaching them the skills to build such a structure. As you can see from the picture the main frame is more or … Continue reading Hams Hall Roundhouse

Lime Bark Day

Despite being a very wet day the Lime Bark Day this year was an outstanding success. Most clients this year were Professionals in the Outdoors in some capacity with 3 who were on my Instructor Mentoring Scheme. The sheer delight from people was clear as they managed to slide off the bark to create cylinders … Continue reading Lime Bark Day

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