Longest Days Highest Sap

This year the interest in the use of Lime has grown notably and I am so glad for not only has it given me some useful business it has stirred up a higher level of appreciation of this quite remarkable tree. At The Bushcraft Show I supplied Springfields Army Stores with 200 pieces of lime … Continue reading Longest Days Highest Sap

Tracking Skills

27-28 February 2019 This 2 day course will take you through the general understanding of tracking and help you see and read the signs that provide real insight into woodland life. Kev Palmer has tracked a wide variety of creatures both large and small on several continents and is very well respected for his knowledge … Continue reading Tracking Skills

Bow Drill Master

Learn how to light fire with primitive technology Mastering any skill is both demanding and deeply satisfying. This specialist course is designed for those who are confident in their ability to use the bow drill to create fire but who want to really take it to a much higher level. The aim is to get … Continue reading Bow Drill Master

Bow Making Weekend

Dave has been increasingly asked to teach people basic Bow Making and so we are putting on this weekend for those who are interested in good, easy to understand and easy to use methods. From a quartered log of Ash we will go through the whole process and end up (no guarantee!) with a working … Continue reading Bow Making Weekend

Friction Fire Lighting days

Learn how to light fire with primitive technology These one day events are a great opportunity to gain some real insight and confidence in this fascinating subject. We will spend the day looking at both the Bow Drill and Hand drill techniques. You will gain the understanding about the materials and preparation that are required … Continue reading Friction Fire Lighting days

Wild Food and Wilderness Cookery

Confidently identify, prepare and consume a wide variety of wild foods ‘Food tastes better outdoors’ is a common phrase but it tastes even better when you have gathered and prepared it yourself. This one day course looks at some of the best and tastiest ways to enjoy wild foods. Gain confidence in identifying a variety … Continue reading Wild Food and Wilderness Cookery

Lime bark Day

Containers,Fine rope and string from Lime bark On this special course we will be looking at the fascinating process of turning coppiced bark into delightful containers, and the finest of ropes/strings. When the sap is at its highest we can remove the bark from the wood with specialist tools and know how to produce some … Continue reading Lime bark Day

Winter Bushcraft Course

An introduction to bushcraft survival skills and techniques   For those who have experienced some basic skills in Bushcraft this course offers a good level of advanced/refined techniques in the basics. We start in the dark but go straight into the understanding of how to establish a fire using natural materials only. Keeping warm on … Continue reading Winter Bushcraft Course

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