Renewed Inspiration

I have just had a privileged/inspirational few days with a group of teenagers and young adults from the North East who came on an approved Bushcraft training course designed with professional Outdoor folks in mind. The weather last week was cold and damp in the woods and yet everyone of these fine folks just put their heads down and got on with things. It was not easy for them and many struggled with the detail on the fire lighting and yet they stuck with it. On the third night each of them stayed in one of the natural shelters  available, one of which they had built. On the final day I set them a challenge. Create fire with any method we had looked at, you can work as a pair but what must happen is that you prepare properly and make it happen with slickness. The way each one of them teamed up and discussed quietly and calmly how to go about things told me they would succeed. One lad even succeeded on the bow drill that cold morning. WELL IMPRESSED and well done to you all. One of the quieter ones even searched out my business and phoned me the evening after the course to say thank you and to tell me how much the course meant to him.