Renewed Inspiration

I have just had a privileged/inspirational few days with a group of teenagers and young adults from the North East who came on an approved Bushcraft training course designed with professional Outdoor folks in mind. The weather last week was cold and damp in the woods and yet everyone of these fine folks just put … Continue reading Renewed Inspiration

Secondary Schools

Science Through Bushcraft A series of practical based education programs that highlights both the fine detailed knowledge of a selection of key Bushcraft Skills and integrates them into the Science Curriculum at Key Stage 3, Common Entrance and GCSE. Topics include: Hookes Law; Energy conversion and Simple Mechanics from the Physics Syllabus, Combustion, Chemical reactions … Continue reading Secondary Schools

Primary Schools

Key Stage 2 We can offer some outstanding hands-on sessions that can inspire and enhance learning in various subjects especially history and the focus on the Stone Age. In this we have some specialist knowledge. Woodland Survival Crafts provided the lime bark in the first reconstruction of the Iceman clothing especially his cloak, knife scabbard … Continue reading Primary Schools

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