Renewed Inspiration

I have just had a privileged/inspirational few days with a group of teenagers and young adults from the North East who came on an approved Bushcraft training course designed with professional Outdoor folks in mind. The weather last week was cold and damp in the woods and yet everyone of these fine folks just put … Continue reading Renewed Inspiration

Bushcraft Competency Training

More than just a set of skills Providing training to outdoor centres throughout the UK IF WE CAN INSPIRE THE ADULTS WE CAN IMPACT OUR YOUNG PEOPLE Dave Watson – Director of Woodland Survival Crafts Ltd Providing Quality Training to Outdoor Centers/professionals throughout the UK. Arguably the most experienced trainer/mentor of outdoor professionals/Centres in the … Continue reading Bushcraft Competency Training

Sharp Tools Day

This one day event is ideal for anyone wanting to gain competence or additional understanding about using knives and saws with reference to passing it on to others. Dave Watson, who has been teaching/training people in woodland skills and Bushcraft for nearly 25 years will focus on not only the direct skills but also on … Continue reading Sharp Tools Day

Small Roundwood Construction

This two day course aims to give you the confidence and understanding of using of using Axes, Froes and Billhooks in order to build simple structures. The course will cover the following subjects: Understanding of different tools/styles Safe handling of each and experience in a range of ways these tools can be used Maintenance of … Continue reading Small Roundwood Construction

Instructor Mentoring Scheme

Dave`s manner and evident expertise persuaded me to enrol on the Instructor Mentoring Scheme…. Howard Jeffs – BC, LOtC & Adventuremark inspector. This 15-18 month program is designed to take someone with a good basic knowledge of Bushcraft and take them to more thorough grounding in each of the key subjects. You will refine and … Continue reading Instructor Mentoring Scheme

One to One Tuition

Focussed learning with the complete attention of your instructors Whether it is just a couple of hours brushing up on a particular skill or spending a day looking a various topics our personal tuition days offers you the chance to learn exactly what you want at the pace you want. Thank you for a great … Continue reading One to One Tuition

Quality approved bushcraft courses for schools and business, individuals & outdoor professionals